All our bats come hand knocked in and have a single coat of raw linseed oil applied to ensure preservation and longevity whilst also maintaining that springy new bat feeling. This means there is no need to oil your new cricket bat from us initially.

We do recommend however, that exposed areas on covered bats are oiled once a year and uncovered bats are oiled at least twice a season. Please see our recommendations below for oiling your cricket bat.


  • Only use approved bat oil (this should be raw linseed oil)
  • Only oil the exposed areas of the bat i.e. where there are no stickers, scuff sheets or toe guards 
  • If the bat has an anti-scuff sheet applied there is no need to oil the face as the sheet seals it from moisture - the same goes for fitted toeguards
  • Use roughly half a teaspoon of oil for each coat
  • Lightly apply the raw linseed oil with either a soft cloth or your fingers
  • After the bat has been oiled it should be left face up with the handle slightly raised. Leave the linseed oil to soak in for a minimum of 24 hours.



All Klubb Cricket bats undergo our match ready preparation service. This involves the bat being pressed again after the profile has been shaped and the edges and toe being knocked in by hand. Your Klubb bat should not require any additional knocking in but we do not advise that new bats are taken straight into the game environment. New bats should be used in two or three net practice sessions with soft throw downs using an old cricket ball.